Why is it so important to the car connected? Volvo responds

Volvo has become one of the references when speaking of the concept of the car is connected, a name that encompasses numerous aspects beyond the fact of providing in-car connectivity. For this reason, and through an interview with Klas Bendrik as the head of the division of communication technologies from Volvo, today we discovered what are the plans of the manufacturer and, above all, what are those big challenges that still must beat to the new network networks intended for transport to be effective and safe.
Slippery road warning shared with other cars
The first thing that highlights Volvo is the potential of the idea itself beyond its applications as can be the autonomous car. According to Bendrik, drive connected and autonomous vehicle are two independent concepts that will be implemented under that premise, however, it is obvious that the exchange of real-time information you need the driving autonomous need of a prior step in the form of a drive connected. That said, what is obvious is to admit that we are faced with an idea, the car is connected, that is walking its first steps and still need some maturity.
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The first big problem of the car is connected to the infrastructure, a reality that requires an impulse on the part of telecommunications companies to support the new telecommunications market that aims to break into the world of the four wheels. Without coverage, the car connected, and all of their services, therefore, have no meaning, so that it is clear that this is one of the major points to resolve for the implementation of the drive connected as an added value to the sale of cars.
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On the other hand, and although no less important, is the risk factor that presents the connectivity and the exchange of private information. Volvo notes that this is one of the points where most are working with their technology partners, Ericsson, since the fear of malicious use of the connections is the worst scenario imaginable for the car connected is a reality.
Autonomous drive technology ? Complete system solution
But why is it so important to the car connected to the Volvo? The idea of a means of transport has changed dramatically in the last few years, which has forced it to reinvent what we understand by mobility and, especially, how is the driving experience beyond the journey. The goal of Volvo is to find that point of balance between means of transport and car-gadget, allowing the occupants of the car to maintain its services and habits in the same way they would on any other site.
The objectives of Volvo is based on the fact that the drive connected is an absolute success. Security remains the big bet of Volvo, an offer of assistance to driving needs of the increasing volume of information, forcing them to turn to the goal of eliminating accidents in 2020 pass for a mature technology, a legal framework to meet the opportunities of technology and greater automation of the driving.
Source: AutomotiveNews
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