Volkswagen V-Charge: park and recharge your electric is a thing of robots

Volkswagen is launching the project V-Charge, an ambitious pilot program with which Volkswagen aims to become the leading firm in parking systems autonomous. The goal of Volkswagen isn't only to get a technology and infrastructure capable of making it possible for the parking automated, but combine this idea with the use of a platform of an intelligent charging capable of self-management for the driver to forget completely the need to search for parking and a charge point where you restore the autonomy of your car.
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Volkswagen raises through the program V-Charge, who think they parking smart where vehicles are able to circulate freely through its interior thanks to driving systems autonomous. The driver will leave the car at the entrance to the parking and then the vehicle will perform all the maneuvers of finding parking in a fully automatic manner. But the program V-Charge is intended to achieve another goal, and that is that thinking about the needs of the charging of electric cars, has developed a system able to manage the recharging (with wireless charging) to be able to recharge all the electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids that are in the parking lot.
V-Charge - Automatisiertes Parken und Aufladen von E-Fahrzeugen
Thanks to this system, self-managed, own parking space will communicate with the vehicles to control which spaces are occupied and which spaces of recharge are used. This ensures that the charging points will only be used by vehicles in the charging process, removing vehicles that have been uploaded to a free space to prevent the occupancy of the charging points. Everything is done automatically, allowing the driver to sueprvisar all actions through an app on your smartphone.
V-Charge - Automatisiertes Parken und Aufladen von E-Fahrzeugen
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Source: Volkswagen
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V-Charge - Automatisiertes Parken und Aufladen von E-Fahrzeugen
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