Volkswagen makes its return to Kenya

Volkswagen - Polo 1/11

The German automaker Volkswagen will assemble soon cars in Kenya.

Volkswagen now focuses on the african market and is preparing his return to Kenya. Thomas Schäfer, managing director of Volkswagen South Africa and kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta have announced the signing of an agreement, which will culminate in the production of the Polo Vivo as early as the end of the year 2016. The German automaker, which is associated for the occasion with the local importer and DT Dobie, table at a rate of 5,000 units per year from 2017.

The happy hour

The assembly line will be built in the city of kenya, Thika, near the capital Nairobi. The German company will therefore be back in a country she knows well, because she had assembled of the Beetle in the 60's. This will be the third african website of Volkswagen, which already produces cars in South Africa and Nigeria.

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