Video: how Skoda adjusts its assemblies


Video: how Skoda adjusts its assemblies

Skoda details in the video machines that are used to measure the shape and the position of the elements of its cars.

It is far the time where the auto industry is only using hand tools to measure parts and assemblies of cars. Most manufacturers now employ many high-tech devices, each dedicated to a measurement type, in order to make their calculations more reliable, and assemble their vehicles with more precision.
Martin Jehlička, who works at the centre of metrology of Skoda cars since more than 20 years, presents some of these machines in a video. Unfortunately, it is in Czech with English subtitles. Check out the clip.

Of evolving technologies

An arm the end of which is made from a pen cap round key for example, body parts or interior points defined to accurately calculate the geometric shapes. The measurements are compared with those that must be met to verify that the components meet the intended specifications. A cabin of X-rays can identify any defects to the interior parts already finished. Assemblies of the body on a replica of checkout, you can verify that everything fits as it should.
The optical scanners can be used to analyze surfaces and relatively large in a few passages, develop. Martin Jehlička explains further hoped that the measurement process becomes fully automated.

Always better, never perfect

Note that some of these processes are used during the manufacturing of cars pre-series but also on of the best series for verification purposes. Given the production volumes-hungry manufacturers, the general practitioners and the constraints imposed by the management costs, this does not totally clear sometimes, defects in assembly can vary from one copy to another on the finished products.

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