Unusual: 800 drivers flashés wrongly in Alsace

NEWS Unusual: 800 drivers flashés wrongly in Alsace
In August, 800 motorists have been flashés on a road of Alsace, then, that they had not committed any offence. Looking for the error...

This summer, between August 16, at 15h55 and August 17, at 11 am, some 800 motorists have been flashés on a fast track linking Colmar to Strasbourg, in Alsace. Until then nothing wrong with it. Except that these drivers were not speeding ! The automatic radar which was thought to have caught on to the fact had not been recalibrated properly after the end of a project.

At 110 km/h instead of 70

At the end of the work, it was always set to 70 km/h then he would have had to go back to 110 km/h. And as in the same time the temporary signage indicating a decrease of the speed during the duration of the project had been dismantled, the motorists have believed that they were again permitted to travel at the usual speed of 110 km/h. the Result is that the flash of the famous radar has not ceased to crackle for about 24 hours !

A story that ends well

Fortunately the story ends well for the users. A spokesman for the prefecture of the Haut-Rhin is to indicate that all motorists flashés between 70 and 110 km/h in the time slot concerned had been released and their PV cancelled. "People are going to receive a letter in the sense of the national Agency automated processing of offenses (ANTAI)," she said, before ensure that those who have already paid the fine will be refunded in full. The honor is except. But, it's all the same mess...
Source : AFP
Photo : Fotolia
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