Under this shroud is the Volvo V90 Cross Country that we'll meet inParis

We knew that sooner or later a version of jacket would add to the range of the V90, and sooner rather than later, Volvo has everything ready for his presentation at the Paris Salon. Will be called the V90 Cross Country, you will enjoy all the virtues of belonging to the number 90 of Volvo, but with off-road capabilities.
This image, which to tell the truth it says a lot, it adds up to a videoteaser that leaves things a little more clear. It speaks of the three generations of Cross Country that will precede the V90 and, at least for two seconds, we can see a bit of the front bumper of the new model.

As you can imagine, it will not be very different from the V90 that you already know, except for the extra dose of black plastic to make an emphasis on their capabilities off-road. The motors will surely be the same as the V90 conventional, but add awd and a few inches above the floor to be presented as an alternative to the SUV and to the family of front-wheel drive.

His debut will take place within two weeks, and until then we will know more about its off-road capabilities. In the field of equipment, technology and design, actually there is little left to hide.

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