Top 6 signs you're killing your self

Top 6 señales de que estás matando tu auto

The Top 6 signs that you are killing your self is a “reminder friendly” about what's most essential maintenance in order to avoid that your day trip becomes a nightmare. "Since the care of the car is not always a top priority for the owners of cars, perhaps you don't realize that they are doing things that can negatively affect the performance, safety and value of your car," said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. "Regular maintenance can help you a lot to save money, avoid headaches and protect your investment in your vehicle." The Car Care Council is the source of information for the campaign of consumer education "Be Car Care Aware" (Being conscious of the care of your car), which promotes to consumers the benefits of dealing with regular care, maintenance and repair of your vehicle. To request a free copy of the popular Guide to Car Care (Car Care Guide), visit the web site of the council for the education of the consumer. Continue reading to know all the details of the Top 6 signs that you are killing your self.

Top 6 signs you're killing your self

Ignore the light "check engine"

Ignore the light on "check engine" (Check engine) can result in problems and costly repairs of the motor. At the very least, this indicator light can alert you to a problem with the engine that is affecting the consumption of gasoline. The more time you allow to pass without taking action, the price of the repairs will surely increase considerably.

Do not change fluids and filters

Many fluids are necessary for the operation and protection of systems and components of the vehicle. Review of regular fluid levels (brake, engine oil, transmission oil, antifreeze, etc), along with the corresponding filters, helps to ensure that your vehicle to function reliably and extends the life of the vehicle.

Neglecting your tires

The tires of your vehicle need to be checked very often to make sure your inflation and tread depth of the band. The under inflated tires can wear out more quickly, making it necessary to change them more early, and may affect the safety, the performance of gasoline and the overall performance of the vehicle.

Not to continue a maintenance program

Given that many parts of the car are worn or damaged with the passage of time, vehicles require a regular maintenance to function optimally. Routine inspections and spot repair will keep your car running efficiently and save you from more costly repairs in the future. The instructions in the Owner's Manual are not a whim of the manufacturer or a trap for you to go more often to the dealer.

Have the car dirty

Allow your car to pass a long time without washing will result in the formation of chemicals and harmful dusts in the paint, increases the potential of the oxidation caused by the salt from the roads and interferes with the proper visibility needed for safe driving.

Be an aggressive driver

Whether the traffic stops and starts, extreme weather conditions, the roads rough and heavy loads, it is sometimes difficult to limit the severe driving conditions. However, it can handle intelligently and to improve the fuel performance by observing the speed limit; not driving aggressively, including starts and stops; not carrying unnecessary items, and keeping your car properly regulated.
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