Toni Bou, 20 titles of a quiet man

It was enough for him to finish, last Saturday, among the first seven. But he won the first round with only 13 points, 43 less than the second, his rival Adam Raga, that even though you have tried, a year or more, has not been able to with him. Toni Bou (Piera, Barcelona, 29 years) already has 20 world titles, with this ten trial outdoor, plus the other ten indoor.

When he arrived Monday afternoon at the airport of Barcelona from Treviso, defeated, after, by the way, winning also the second race, on Sunday, by pure habit, he wanted to go home to rest. “But the friends would not let me. I had to go out to dinner. Had to celebrate it”, granted, with a calm that would own the well done work. But Bou is always just as friendly. Quiet. With a smile of those stamped on the face, mouth closed, that invitation to dialogue. “Say those who know him who is the best person to pilot. Imagine”, granted to those who accompany you

It is a hard day, probably more than it is a practice: every day is riding in his bike at 10 in the morning, approximately, “it is the time to start a race championship of the world”, he says. Three hours of bike per day, and depending on whether it is a week of great prize or not, you spend more or less hours in the gym.

This Tuesday also is separated from his motorcycle. But it doesn't seem to care to walk giving jumps of drafting in writing, to explain how he has achieved what no other and demonstrate their skills at the helm of your Montesa Cota 4TH.

Despite what it may seem, the year has not been easy. He began the season with a shoulder injury, as it happened two years ago. Although, your experience and the team change of Raga –the disappearance of Gas Gas led him to embark on the new project of the expiloto Jordi Tarrés– provided to the path: “at The beginning I got a good advantage, and that made me ride more relaxed and recover from the injury without the stretch so much in each race, as they knew that it was a tough year,” he explained in an interview granted to this newspaper.

In addition, Montesa, with the full support of the house Honda behind their backs, never fails. “You need a bike that gives you a lot of confidence. This is a sport in which technically makes the difference”, it assumes it. The hands and the body of the pilot do the rest. They have done the last ten years. The inheritance that he left early on the bike (in the mode of the trialsin) converted to Bou in one of the pilots more physical and aggressive in the World. Although this year, with the shoulder damaged, and some areas less technical, would cost a note: “I'm aggressive and framework the difference in the complicated zones, however, this year was not so; the areas were not the spent nearly and we had problems to make a difference”.

Despite winning so many titles you could assume a certain weariness, Bou does not seem to entail a great effort to start over again. “This is what I like to do. And I love to continue improving, I'm very competitive,” he says. Already has a new challenge: to overcome the 99 victories of Dougie Lampkin. “I've been an 89, so I still have [this year won 11 of 14]. There is a change of regulation and organizers, and I don't know how many races there will be next year, we'll see how it goes,” he says. And will be ongoing. With his motorbike.
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