Tire development... for Jaguar XJ220 !

NEWS Of tire development... for Jaguar XJ220 !
Bridgestone developing new tyres for the Jaguar XJ220. We returned in 1992, Doc ?

You have probably already noticed if your car is not young any more, it becomes more and more difficult to find tires in the right size as the sizes that are most common are changing. It is normal, the manufacturers stop little by little produce gums which are sold for less.
This problem also arises logically to the owners of supercars, especially as the tires of these cars are already produced in small quantities at the origin, and even sometimes for a single model. The time passed, it became simply impossible to find a tire to its rim. Produced at least 300 units, the Jaguar XJ220 can no longer be fitted with tyres complying with the original specifications, 255/45 ZR 17 at the front and front 345/35 ZR 18 at the rear, for several years. But it is going to change.

Performance always of the first order

Don Law, a specialist british to the restoration and maintenance of the XJ220, has approached Bridgestone to ensure that the manufacturing design of new tires for the supercar English. With the help of the chief engineer and test pilot original to the car, the project was launched. To develop the tyres, and the team uses the XJ220 pre-production with the chassis number 004. This copy is known to have traveled more than 160,000 miles of testing before being used in the race and then renovated for the road. This was the first XJ220 to exceed 320 km/h, the car became later the fastest car of its time with 343 km/h. as a reminder, the coupe is powered by a V6 3.5 L bitburbo central-rear sending 549 hp to the rear wheels.
The new compounds are expected to be ready for the 25 years of the Jaguar XJ220 in 2017. In view of the technological progress achieved in recent years, they are expected to significantly improve the performance of the car.
Sources : Bridgestone, Road And Track
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