This is the Alfa Romeo 4C more gross that you'll see (and hear) in your entire life

The small Alfa Romeo 4C, despite the fact that a car is an extremely exotic and rare to see, is a car that has been returned to the Italian brand to the heart of the segment of sports cars pure, lightweight and fun to drive. It is a car that invites you to seek a mountain road and get lost for hours in it.

This is the Alfa Romeo 4C more gross that you'll see (and hear) in your entire life

Maybe that's why, Marco Gramenzi, Champion of Italy climbs the mountain, has chosen the small 4C as the basis for creating a diabolical car that allows it to remain one of the benchmarks of that category in the alpine country. This is the Alfa Romeo 4C from more than 600 horses, the more gross we have ever seen and these details are what make it different.

The first thing that changes is the engine, and the 1.7 four-cylinder turbo located in position cental has disappeared to give way to a new engine which according to us indicate, round 600 horsepower. Is eviente that the work aero has been great, because in the back mounted a spoiler which is integrated with the rear diffuser that is simply spectacular.

The front wheels have a diameter less than the that has the model number, the same thing happens in the rear axle, where, in addition to having less diameter, they also have more rubber surface smooth to transmit all the power to the asphalt without complications.
There is little more information about the rest of the work done. The car is still in the testing phase, but want it to be the new benchmark in the Italian Championship of the Mountain and that would make Marco Gramenzi forget your old Alfa Romeo 155 Ti DTM. In short, a wonder that we are eager to see already at full capacity.

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