The supercar Roadyacht GTS is back !

The supercar Roadyacht GTS is back !
This original supercar Dutch will soon convert to electric. And the good news is, she will be present at the next World of Paris!
Presented in 2009 in the form of a prototype, the Savage Rival Roadyacht GTS had made a strong impression with its 4 doors and a retractable roof. But since some time, the original supercar-the Dutch had a little gone out of circulation, hinting at a possible loss. There will eventually be nothing, since it announces his return during the World of Paris 2016 (from 1 to 16 October), rebadgée and equipped with an electric motor.

A japanese firm to the rescue

Exit therefore the V8 engine to 670 hp original Corvette that was originally the sports Dutch... One that is now called GLM G4 will host an electric engine supplied by the japanese firm's vehicles "zero-emission" GLM. Now freed from the constraint of the development of the car, Savage Rival intends for its part to refocus on its initial activities to design sports cars, boats or houses.
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