The next generation of systems Flywheel KERS begin their essays

The association FlySafe led by the specialist british Ricardo is already working on the next generation of systems Flywheel KERS (accumulator-based energy in flywheels). This technology, which has major manufacturing companies interested in its use mainly in competition (Audi or Nissan), seeks to give the final leap to the market through a new evolution that will allow them to improve their performance, especially as to maximum amount of energy can be stored.
Today there are two big manufacturers are promoting the introduction of the system Flywheel KERS. On one hand we have to Torotrak betting by the use of flywheels and mechanical transmission, which has a high efficiency in managing energy, but that adds a high complexity as has been demonstrated by the project of the Nissan GT-R LM NISMO for the Le Mans 24 Hours.
A different view of the system Flywheel KERS is developed by Williams Advanced Engineering and was later acquired by GKN, this another design associated with the flywheel to an electric generator and transfers the energy directly on a electric thruster. Under this approach, companies such as Audi on their recent victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans or Porsche, with their first 911 GT3-R Hybrid has shown that the system not only works, but that is an alternative to take into account for face-planting to other hybrid systems based on energy storage in batteries or capacitors.
March 2015
This next step of FlySafe, where GKN and Torotrak will also have participation, it is based on the creation of a new testing centre, where you can evolve the technology. By the time you have not communicated the objectives of the project, but all indications are that we are facing a new step directed toward the development of a specification that you finally get to convince manufacturers such as Volvo, who already showed interest in the past, to carry this idea to the cars of street.
March 2015
Source: FlySafe
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