The new Mercedes will be able to predict situations And what is that?

The prediction is of fashion, and new models of Mercedes are some of the cars that more benefit out of this new way of understanding the security, safety and efficiency. Thanks to the use of a long list of sensors, advanced technologies and the exchange of data via the internet or the GPS navigation system, the new GLC or Class And can predict potential accidents and the needs of our journeys in order to adapt the operation of the powertrain and thus achieve the lowest fuel consumption.
Mercedes-Benz GLC (X 253) 2015
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The first thing to note is the combined use of technologies in order to, one, get minimize the risk of an accident or at least the consequences of the same in the worst cases, and two, to reduce the consumption as much as possible. Through the system, Pre-Safe Plus, the Mercedes GLC will detect an impending crash in the rear area, the classic shock at the scope that tends to be common in traffic jams and urban areas, to proceed to activate a protocol that attempt to minimize the severity of the collision.
Mercedes-Benz GLC (X 253) 2015
Making use of a radar proximity the vehicle scans the areas to the rear, in case of detecting a possible shock at the scope, it will automatically activate the emergency lights by way of warning, lock the brakes to prevent the collision to catapult our car out of control causing a second crash and adjust the seats and belts to limit the injuries to the occupants.
Mercedes-Benz GLC (X 253) 2015
But the predictability doesn't end here, and that is the new Mercedes GLC is debuting a new evolution of the energy management system for their propulsion plants assisted by GPS. This system is able to recognize the needs of the route, allowing you to adapt the speed of the vehicle and the operation of the scheme power plants to ensure the minimum consumption in any way.
Mercedes-Benz GLC (X 253) 2015
Even so, there are still more. In the future, it will be presented the new Mercedes E-Class, the new saloon from Mercedes that will go a step beyond these technologies. Mercedes has confirmed that the new E-Class will be able to automatically adapt the speed of the vehicle to prevent us to suffer the capture of a radar, but not only that, but thanks to an advanced system of adaptive cruise control, also will be able to perform evasive maneuvers in case of possible collisionand can take control of the steering even on those roads that have lane markings hardly visible or in a poor state.
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Source: Mercedes
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