The HyperMeeting 2016 TSC earned 37 000 $, for the Ronald McDonald house of Toronto

MISSISSAUGA, on, 7 sept. 2016 /CNW/ – Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) is pleased to announce that the 13th HyperMeeting annual organized in collaboration with the Toronto Subaru Club (TSC) has again been a great success and helped raise a large sum of money to the Ronald McDonald house charities (RMHC Toronto). More than 900 Subaru, owners, friends, families, and pets are given appointments on Sunday, August 14, at the registered office of SCI in Mississauga, Ontario to share their common passion for the brand Subaru. Every year, the HyperMeeting collects funds for the RMHC Toronto, the main charity of the SCI and the TSC. This year, TSC has managed to raise the sum of $ 18,500 for the RMHC Toronto, an amount matched by the SCI for a total of $37,000.

TSC HyperMeeting 2016 (Groupe CNW/Subaru Canada Inc.)

TSC HyperMeeting 2016 (CNW Group/Subaru Canada Inc.)

Among the most important groups of enthusiasts kept at the head office of a company in Canada, the event HyperMeeting has taken birth in the streets leading to the headquarters during an exhibition of models, Subaru, representing a diversity of models, years and accessories. The program of the annual event focuses on the family, free barbecue, prizes, and music, in addition to a variety of attractions guaranteed to please the next generation of enthusiasts to Subaru. With cars R/C, superhero, make-up sessions, cones iced and colouring books special, this year's event was able to appeal to the children present.

"The event HyperMeeting of the Toronto Subaru Club and Subaru Canada was once again a resounding success, bringing together enthusiasts Subaru in the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas. Subaru Canada to recognize our club, and works with us reflects a commitment and an approach that is progressive to the owners of Subaru, " said Derek Serianni, director of the Toronto Subaru Club. "In addition, we have succeeded in the course of the past nine years collecting more than 212 000 $ (including this year) with the collaboration and support of Subaru Canada, which is testament to the commitment of Subaru Canada to the community. We hope to hear many more years of collaboration to increase brand loyalty and aid to our community. "

It was in the year 2000 that Subaru Canada chose the RMHC Toronto as its main charity. Since then, RMHC®, and Subaru have worked together on many events to raise funds and provide services and support to families who are staying at the Manor.

The RMHC Toronto provides a home preliminary to seriously ill children and their families to enable them to better cope with difficult times. The Manor house provides a fireplace in the centre of the city of Toronto to 81 families and has family rooms in four hospitals in the Greater Toronto area. Since 1981, RMHC Toronto has welcomed thousands of families in need of compassion and understanding in these trying times and difficult. Just last year, 750 families have stayed at the Manor and nearly 2,400 families have been welcomed into our family rooms. Support SCI using the RMHC Toronto to help families where a child is seriously ill, comfortable accommodation and safe a few steps from the place where the child receives life-saving treatment. For more information, please visit

With over 11 000 members from Toronto and the surrounding regions, the Toronto Subaru Club (TSC) is one of the most important clubs of its kind. This club is a community-driven organizes a large number of meetings and events to foster exchanges and create links. Many of these events are for the benefit of the RMHC Toronto, the main charity of the club. To learn more about the TSC, visit, follow on Twitter or visit on Facebook :

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