The future of the lighting are the camera, and Ford explains why

The battle by putting on the market the best lighting system seems that does not cease. If Audi and BMW were fighting for the lead on technology using systems of laser projection, Mercedes did the same by giving several giant steps with the evolution of the systems Matrix LED. But now it is Ford who goes a step beyond and, beyond the quality of the lighting system employee, he puts his research focus on providing intelligence to the optical to get them to be able to recognize the road and almost everything in it. Ford does not want to see more, but who wants to see better, and his secret is the use of a sophisticated technology based on cameras.

Since the LED lighting landed in the market, there are many manufacturers that have invested in different technologies to provide certain virtues. The use of arrays active has been uncovered as the tool most able to be able to adapt the scope, the beam projected, and the space of the roadway that is intended to illuminate. However, the system works properly recognizing what to do in every moment is the most complex part of these systems, and it is here where Ford has achieved an interesting result.

The system developed by Ford is part of an infrared camera capable of recognizing the lines of the roadway and the curvature of the firm. To this is added the use of the GPS navigation system to know the exact location of crossings and roundabouts, allowing the lighting system to provide for those areas where it is most important that it is used to the maximum capacity of the lighting system. Thanks to this idea, when the vehicle is facing intersections and roundabouts, automatically the projectors fit the range and opening angle of the spotlights to illuminate the maximum of space that we have around the front, allowing the driver to see more clearly the areas close to it.

But the idea of Ford is not here, and that is thanks to the use of recognition algorithms and video cameras, this system can also recognize pedestrians, bicyclists, and even animals of a certain size. With this recognition system is to create a system of alerts to the driver to proceed with caution, giving her time to anticipate the security systems in case of detection of a potential risk of collision or collision.
Source: Ford

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