The future has arrived! Land Rover and the augmented reality turn yourtrailer into a transparent

Land Rover and Jaguar are investing a large amount of resources in applying technologies of augmented reality in the car, in addition to the autonomous car. Will be able not only to drive our Range Rover from the outside, or turn the windshield into a HUD, giant, now you don't have to worry about the bad visbilidad resulting to bring a large trailer. Because Land Rover gets us to see through the trailer with your technology Transparent Trailer. It is not magic, it is reality. You what we have.

How do you get the trailer clear?

The increase in the security and the visibility is just awesome.
Land Rover installed a camera in the rear of the trailer, and combines it with the image of the cameras of 360 degrees, available in the Range Rover. By using a computer algorithm, it composes the image that is projected on a monitor located in the interior of the passenger compartment. Get our trailer to appear perfectly transparent. This system works as long as the trailer is coupled. At the park we can also arrange for the transmission of images from the rear of the trailer or caravan.

Position Sense, or how to see if your horse is getting nervous

The prototype will be exposed in the competition horse riding Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials.
It really is a lot more to it than that, but Land Rover has introduced this technology in the context of the transport of horses. The trailer has a few pressure sensors in the floor that detect movements abnormal load, alerting the driver. Similarly, a wireless camera installed on the inside of the trailer allows us to see at all times the state of the load. For example, if our horses are getting nervous during transport to an exhibition of jumping.

I do not have horses nor do I think that I can allow never – before you I'll buy you a Porsche 911 classic, thanks – but I recognize that Position Sense is a useful piece of technology that can be applied to all types of loads, although it is most useful with loads delicate. A smartphone application for call form of the same name it also allows us to monitor remotely the temperature of the interior of the trailer, in addition to alerting us to distance if the trailer is being forced or has any abnormality of movement.


In short, a series of interesting technologies, that outlines a future that is more secure and quiet to drive. We remind you that the trucks are transparent have already appeared in Diariomotor, making overtaking on country roads two-way.

Source: Land Rover
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