The doctor retrieves the hands of the pilots will operate to Bruno Hortelano

Hortelano, en el Europeo en Ámsterdam, donde ganó el oro en 200m.
Gardener, in the European in Amsterdam, where he won the gold in 200m. Matthias Schrader AP

Bruno Hortelano, the best sprinter in Spanish history, European champion 200m and a semi-finalist in the Rio Games, will be presented this Thursday at a new surgical intervention in the right hand, that he was “in a state of catastrophe,” according to the medical part of the hospital of madrid on October 12, where he was admitted after the traffic accident he suffered last September 5. This time, however, will be operated in Barcelona. The athlete, 24 years old, joined the Tuesday night at the Hospital Universitari Dexeus, and he was left in the care of dr. Xavier Mir, orthopedic surgeon skilled in surgery of the hand.

Mir, of the Catalan Institute of Traumatology and Medicine of Sport (ICATME), that has dealt with the hands of many of the riders in the MotoGP World championship, will make the control and monitoring of the injury to the Spanish, based in the US. “After reviewing the wound, we performed various tests to assess the extent of the injuries,” he said in a press release from the hospital. This Thursday, he added, the Gardener “will undergo a first surgical intervention to repair such injuries.” After the intervention, will issue a press release to update the status of the patient.

The sprinter could not be in a better place. Dr. Mir is one of the doctors who make up the team's immediate intervention in MotoGP, is present in all the races of the World motorcycling and is very familiar with the injuries that suffer the most from the pilots. And among them, the most popular are the abrasions on fingers and hands –in spite of the attempts to improve the safety and the materials they are made of the gloves, the better mobility that require the athletes to is often a handicap is insurmountable– and the treatment of compartment syndrome, which is also quite an expert. Treat the hand of the Gardener, who had several phalanges broken and the ligaments are affected, you will find it again.

After the first intervention, the same day, September 5, Alberto Armas, representative of the athlete, pointed to what had been the main problem, the little finger: “You have done a cleanup of all affected areas with prognosis good. We have reconstructed the extensor of the second to the fifth finger. The pinkie has been the only one who has not been able to rebuild at all,” he said. In the next interventions Mir and the team of doctors of the Dexeus will have to work to regain mobility and feeling in the hand the better sprinter Spanish up to date.
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