The Dieselgate already has its first victim, but will there be more?

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When the scandal of the emissions of the diesel engines of the Volkswagen Group was uncovered it seemed that it had done so at a party of blind and maimed (with all my love and respect towards these people). The reason is simple; the one and the other is accused in all directions without knowing where to aim and who to look at. This fact helped the German giant to gain time to know what to say in order to be credible to society and to the names of the heads would not be tarnished.

The time has been passing and it seemed that no one was going to be guilty intentionally or not. However you have already jumped to the fore, we do not know whether voluntarily or not, the first culprit confessed to have tampered with the diesel engines of the Volkswagen Group. This culprit is James Liang, an engineer from Volkswagen that has been convicted of participating in the fraud of the emissions of diesel vehicles in the united States.

According to his words, collected in a court of Detroit, James Liang has been convicted for participating in the Dieselgate of Volkswagen. In this statement he has revealed that he knew the existence of the software trap of the company and that thanks to him we managed to certify environmentally sound diesel engines. In addition, it has also recognized its responsibility in the violation of the rules of regulation of the air, known as the Clean Air Act.

To finish, James Liang, has also acknowledged to the Judge Sean Cox that he and his colleagues discovered that the models equipped with engines diesel affected not could comply with the emissions regulations american, so your marketing would be a fraud.

However, for James Ling all is not lost after his confession and guilty plea in the Dieselgate. After his statement before the Judge has offered voluntarily to collaborate on research next to the us authorities. Therefore, their guilt can be attenuated and even, in a hypothetical case, exit benefited by face and point to the real perpetrators of the plot.
Source – The Wall Street Journal

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