The Cobra of the 60's will again be produced

The Cobra of the 60's will again be produced AC Cars va reproduire 9 exemplaires de la toute première Cobra

AC Cars will produce 9 accurate replica of the very first Cobra !

The sales record of the first Cobra in August 2016, during the Monterey Car Week, has visibly inspired the men of AC Cars, as nine new copies of this original model will soon be built. Known under the name of "AC Cobra Mk1 260 Legacy Edition", they will continue so faithfully the features of the Cobra CSX 2000 1962 and will be developed according to the production methods of the time. They will be hand-built by AC Heritage in England, under the watchful eye of Steve Gray, an expert in repair and maintenance of AC of all kinds.

A Cobra exclusive to almost 600.000€

On the motor side, you will find the V8, 260 cubic inch of 4.260 cm3, the same as étrennait already the Cobra of 1962. "We even managed to find a source of V8 260 cubic brand new for this project, and I can assure you that it has not been easy." said Alan Lubinsky, current owner of AC Cars.
These copies will be able to wear the blue factory to the original model or the yellow that it was adopted by the following in the United States. Obviously, buyers will have to pay a bill pretty hefty, since it would take about 500,000 pounds (almost 600,000 euro) to get back behind the wheel of this exceptional car. Always more affordable than the copy sold at auction in August last, and adjudged... 14 million dollars!!!
The production will begin at the end of the year and the first copies will be delivered to current 2017.
Illustration: the first Cobra recently sold by RM Sotheby's
Source: Coach

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