Test of winter tires on The car: B / Very high rated

Here we find six products manufacturers major. This is a select group that has little to envy in the first trio, and that is mostly sold at lower prices.
Michelin X-Ice Xi3

Michelin is still in the thousand when there is a question of ride comfort and durability, and the X-Ice Xi3 confirmed. Stability and quietness are qualities acquired. The handling stable and the grip are well above the average. It is preferred on the ice than deep snow. For many motorists, Michelin is still the recommendation, despite its higher price. Very wide distribution network. Its warranty lasts for up to 2/32nd while the industry agrees that 4/32nds is the safe limit.
Continental WinterContact IF
The Continental Winter Contact If since 2014 to the healthy evolution of the Extreme Winter Contact which it retains the virtues of driving in cornering and braking. It is also less noisy. The tread is now directional, which requires permutations. The tread offers blocks lamellisés with a compound more bite, providing a superior grip. For most passenger cars and SUVS. Wide distribution network.
Toyo Observe GSi5 / Garit KX
Toyo is still in the first third of the list and the Observe GSi5 is required for four years as a worthy successor of the famous G0-2 Plus with its shells of nuts. Of the undeniable characteristics both on the ice and in the snow and more smooth ride. The tread delivers excellent traction in deep snow and slush; a little less efficient on pavement wet or loose. Excellent durability. Available in more than 100 sizes, it is suitable for cars, SUVS and some vans. Good value quality/price.
Even if it shows wrinkles, the Observe Garit K/X still provides a good performance for the performance cars.
Pirelli Ice Zero EN
Introduced in 2015, the Pirelli Ice Zero FR (friction) provides solid grip and a supple ride, and eye-catching in a turn. It has a tread pattern symmetrical with blocks to slats many. The Pirelli Ice Zero EN is probably what the Italian manufacturer has done better in recent years as a winter tire for passenger vehicles. A different version is available with studs installed at the factory. Vast distribution network. Pirelli is now part of a conglomerate chinese.
Gislaved Nord*Frost 100

Gislaved was to Sweden what Nokian is from Finland. Gislaved is now a division of Continental, and the basis of its R&D winter tire. The Nord*Frost 100, in the process of being replaced by the 200, delivers a solid performance in all points, the road holding and cornering as much as in acceleration or braking. The shoe one way and the large number of sipes in the blocks to provide a good grip on the ice and in the snow. Its performance on bare pavement is higher than that of the General Altimax Arctic and it is also durable. Available with studs installed at the factory. The obtained value for the price asked is interesting. Network distribution limited.
Yokohama iceGUARD IG51c / W Drive 905
7th largest producer in the world, Yokohama offers the iceGUARD iG52c for passenger cars and the iG51v for SUVS and light trucks for a few years. Sole and one-way abilities on the ice and in the slush, which are superior thanks to the blocks strongly lamellisés and a tread member. The ride is supple, and the smooth ride. Durability interesting planned. More expensive than other tires ranked good. For performance vehicles, the W Drive 905 has done very well during testing, demonstrating that a product is born and remains a reference after many years. Strong distribution network.
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