Surrender to the myth: this is the new spot for the Nissan GT-R

Nissan gives the kick off commercial for the new Nissan GT-R, 2017. We already know all the details of the new generation of the Nissan GT-R, we have counting in the article “here is the new Nissan GT-R, 2017: now with 570 HP power and a lot of improvements that can be summarized in two, comfort and sportiness”, as we also know its price... now it's time to see the Nissan GT-R, 2017 in video, in the new spot that he has prepared the brand for its implementation over.

Do you give in to the myth of the GT-R, or... you're more the myth of the 911?

A minute. Nissan has Only needed 60 seconds to go over the last 16 years of the myth, the Nissan GT-R. Your way through the competition, his win at the Nürburgring, a nod to the fame that reached the model thanks to Fast and Furious... all of this before you leave us with the new picture of Godzilla, showing off the new front bumper...
Let us remember that beyond the aesthetic changes of its exterior, this new generation has received a significant evolution in its interior, a new cabin which, on the other hand, it had become necessary. In addition it has also enhanced its implementation, there has appeared a new exhaust system and has even increased his power, now coming up to 570 horses.

Does your price? The Nissan GT-R, 2017 part from the 108.050 euros.
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