Rosberg wins in Singapore and returns to lead the World

Rosberg celebra el triunfo en Singapur con su equipo.
Rosberg celebrates victory in Singapore with his team. Mark Thompson Getty

The Singapore Grand Prix not awarded truce in the struggle which kept the two drivers from Mercedes for the world title. Nico Rosberg battled until the end, with Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) to get their third consecutive victory and the eighth of this season, and to retrieve as well the leadership of the championship. Lewis Hamilton took the third step of the podium and is now eight points of his team-mate. The race was exciting from its first moments to its conclusion. Rosberg held his grand prix number 200. It was their 21st victory and can be decisive in the award of the world crown.

The output conditioned the development of the race. All the world had advertised and they were not wrong. Rosberg came out perfect and is assured the lead, chased by Ricciardo and Hamilton. Excellent output also of Fernando Alonso who advanced four positions and was placed fifth. In contrast, Max Verstappen suffered a problem of grip on the boot time and Hulkenberg and carlos Sainz touched when he went forward, causing an accident in which several riders went out injured. The Force India left, Sainz was left with a deflector hanging that forced him to enter the workshop in the seventh round, Button, left there a part of his front wing and Bottas suffered a puncture. Had to go out the safety car. For all of them the damage was critical because of fight by positions drop-outs, were relegated to avoid the queue.

While the head of the race is clarified still further in every turn, despite the brake problems which he announced on radio both to Rosberg as Hamilton, behind the race offered shows precious, like the fight he had Kvyat with Verstappen to maintain the sixth position, skipping to the bullfighter any strategy of the group, until the Dutch decided to give up the attempt, and enter to change tires (27th round). Fernando Alonso also became a protagonist prominent, leaving evidence of their quality and staying in a fifth position that placed him far above the chances of his McLaren.

Spectacular was the comeback of a Sebastian Vettel who was right in the strategy of coming out with soft tyres and lengthen your first stop until the 24th lap, which allowed him to be placed among the top five and dropping to eighth place when he changed to ultrablandos. Vettel came out from the last position of the grid, after a problem with the rear suspension, and took advantage of the situation to change engine and gearbox in order to dispose of other units until the end of the season. Also to Carlos Sainz after the race became a torture, forced to comeback from the latest positions in a desperate attempt to reach the points, but fails at the end. Sainz concluded 14th, well behind a Kvyat ended up ninth.

The race reached the culmination of the excitement in the last laps, when Ricciardo changed tyres and began a persecution impeccable to reach out to Rosberg, which he followed with the soft tyres from lap 33. The australian was more than 20 seconds when he came out of the workshop (47th lap). But you arañaba three seconds per lap, and approached him in a way so insistent that the German was endangering his victory. In the last laps, Rosberg already saw it in the rear view mirror to Ricciardo stuck to your lap. Remained firm until the arrival. And won.

Behind them, Hamilton was on the mark with the last change of tires and caused the entry into the workshop of a Kimi Raikkonen, who lost, with this change of strategy, a position and allowed the british to enter into the third step of the podium. Raikkonen finished fourth, just ahead of his team mate, Vettel, who made a memorable race going up from the 22nd position up to the fifth. Fernando Alonso fought until the end and defended his fifth position with the teeth. But could not stop the superiority of the cars of Vettel and Verstappen and finished in a creditable seventh position, which placed him well above the performance of your car.
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