PV radar : abuse becoming more frequent

NEWS PV radar : abuse becoming more frequent

Radar systems, whether fixed, mobile or site, are not infallible. Also, before you pay for a PV, make sure to check that it is justified !

"I had a PV for speeding near a construction site, but I doubt to have committed the offence. It seems that the risks of error are frequent. What do you think ?", questioned today Jordan from Annecy. And it is Easter Gétin, our specialist of the right road, who responds to him in the Minute Anti-PV.
"Regardless of the offence charged, never rush to settle the fine. All the more if you are careful at the wheel and surprised to have been flashed," advises from the outset and our expert. "The last news of Wednesday, 7 September 2016 revealed by our confrere "Alsace" must be more than ever push you to peel the notice of contravention before paying," she adds. Check out her full response in the video by clicking here !
And to see or review previous issues of the Minute Anti-PV, appointment without waiting in our video section dedicated.

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