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Dani Pedrosa celebra su victoria en el GP de San Marino.
Dani Pedrosa celebrates his victory in the San Marino GP. Antonio Calanni AP

On the Day of champions, an auction which is held every Thursday of the british grand prix at the circuit of Silverstone, the MotoGP riders carry pieces of value: a helmet, a monkey, a tire signed... and Two Wheels for Life goes to Africa, the amount raised for charitable purposes. There, he met Dani Pedrosa, Randy Mamola, former rider 500cc, who offered to lend a hand.

“I had read, I don't remember where, that Dani was tired already to explain to the press is always the same: where it failed, or why I had problems with the bike,” explains four-time runner-up in the world. “Offered to help me, to go to any corner and tell me what I did right or wrong. The people are in solidarity with me. And that is good,” he recalled a few days ago that Pedrosa, already at Misano.

That the Honda pilot had been explaining a recurring theme of this season has to do basically with two concepts: tires and acceleration. The new Michelin were warned in the first few races —especially after the supplying of pneumatic hardened the case for safety after the accident of Redding— too hard for Pedrosa, 1.60 m, and 51 kilos, for whom it was more costly to exert pressure on the tires and heat them up, so that no gathered their temperature, nor gave him enough confidence to attack the clock.

To this were added the problems that already had the house Honda with a bike that missed the kick on the choice of engine in the preseason, in spite of assign and change the concept to do with engine contrarotante, whose crankshaft rotates back to (in theory) to promote the agility of the bike. The acceleration was and still is the weak point of the RC213V. It happened, moreover, that this course, unlike the previous, the electronics already could not save them.

Honda had a software and a electronic control unit of its own, but with the introduction of the new electronic Magnetti Marelli for all the motor control was not as simple. It has cost them many hours of work to develop the new system. And only after a dozen of great prizes have warned any progress: “In Austria we noticed some improvement in acceleration, but in reality everything depends a lot on how you work the rear tire”, granted Pedrosa.

Lesson number one MotoGP: tires, mark the limit in MotoGP, they are the first point of contact of the pilot with the asphalt, his only point of reference.

 Pedrosa, por delante de Rossi y Lorenzo en Misano.
 Pedrosa, ahead of Rossi and Lorenzo in Misano. GABRIEL BOUYS AFP

Pedrosa won at Misano because it finally gave with a tire with that he felt at ease. A new striker, to which Michelin called soft, “but which in reality is a medium”, but whose case was until now unpublished. It was the only one who dared with him. “I decided by feelings. I knew that was the only one with that tire and I put the culillo as well, a little tight, in the output, but I trusted in my feelings and that was what allowed me to then go finer,” explained after the race, in which won the big favorites with a beat barbarian.

After the private test that Honda did on the Monday after Brno, the three big prizes ago, the Catalan driver looked for a setting a standard with which you feel fairly comfortable with all of the circuits —“though not perfect”, he confessed to arriving at Silverstone— and thus be able to concentrate on just spinning around and regain the sensations, to recover the pilot, who had never ceased to be. “When you have a configuration that does not give you feelings you don't advance, I looked for one with which I felt comfortable to improve from there,” he explained. He did not seek to Mamola. But she already had another friend helping him. It was Juan Martinez, a former chief mechanic for Nicky Hayden, among others.

“It is a long-time friend, and as many friends in the difficult moments are offered to assist you to get out of that situation. His role is not technical because it is not in the team, but it is there to help in what they need,” said Pedrosa at Misano, after exhibiting a great pace in the first free.

After his first victory of the year, Martinez, from the utmost points out: “our personal conversations. We share talks at a complicated time for him. And I just trying to help you make the best decisions, to understand where to shoot.” Of time, you have been guided on the right path.
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