On board the Rimac Concept_One [video]

On board the Rimac Concept_One [video]

The owner of Rimac presents the details of the operation of the Concept_One in the video. Everything is customizable.

The Concept_One, supercar power of any young builder Croatian Rimac, been much talk of it at the moment, its production from the start. Consisting of four electric motors, each connected to a wheel, and with its own gearbox, its mechanical develops 1088ch to 1600Nm of torque and allows it to reach 100 km/h in 2,6 s youtubeur Alex Smolik was entitled to a ride as a passenger taken by Mate Rimac, the father of the self, who took the opportunity to explain all the details of operation of the coupe. Check out the video.
The large touch screen adorning the centre console allows you have to direct the distribution of the energy of the batteries between the wheels, the accessories such as the air conditioning or energy recovery braking. It is also possible to retrospectively analyze many parameters (temperature of the different elements according to the use, for example) on different time period to compare.

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The most interesting point is probably the freedom of setting offered by the on-board computer. Without going through the combinations of settings preset, the driver can determine exactly how the energy of the car is used. The torque distribution, for example, can be configured freely between the essieux...de what to make of the Concept_One traction if the heart tells you ! The recovery of braking energy can also be adjusted or even turned off.
Discover the secrets of the Rimac Concept_One in the video (entirely in English).

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