Nokia unleashes the war of the maps with the sale of HERE: what ofcollateral Damage to Google and Apple?

The division of maps created by Nokia and called HERE, looking for buyer urgently. Born as the project with which Nokia could face up to Google and Apple in the successful business of services related to navigation, now HERE looking for buyer. The decision of Nokia to get rid of HERE responds to the need to find liquidity, it is estimated that the sale could be around 4,000 Million euros, while the interest of the manufacturers is able to control its own map service independent of Google and Apple, a move that would allow manufacturers to reduce the level of dependence that begins to exist with respect to the services of the big tech firms.

The acquisition of HERE to serve your buyer to play a crucial role in a business that has only just begun
According to AutomotiveNews, the closing of an agreement for the sale HERE could be closer than ever with Audi, Mercedes or BMW are bidding to take full control of HERE. Confirmation of this movement, one of the great platforms of services and management of maps would be controlled by an important group car, which would give him a position of privilege with respect to their competitors and a greater independence with regard to the landing of Google and Apple in the automotive sector. Buying HERE is much more than the purchase of a database full of maps.
Although to date the services HERE have always been kept in a second plane with respect to the leading presence of Google, from time to time there are numerous manufacturers that have been seen on the platform of Nokia a technology partner more than interesting. Recently put to the test the system Volvo Sensus navigation system HERE and, although it is fair to admit that the platform may have certain deficiencies with regard to Google Maps, do not forget that having a strategic partner of scale can change everything at the flick of a few updates.
At the same time, the bid will join a very important group with brands like Baidu to the head, intending thus to cut the gap with other firms as is the case of Facebook that is also in the bid for HERE. Be that as it may, what is not in doubt is that the done with HERE can be a turning point to your final buyer. Its acquisition will occur at a key moment where the maps each time they receive major prominence, even more so when the entire tool of mobility speaks bluntly of driving systems automated and connected services whose point of origin is no other than a global database with maps.
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