No, Renault is not going to stop the manufacture of diesel in 2020, butbelieves that it is the beginning of the end for the diesel

The emissions standards of the vehicles, increasingly harsh and the decline in sales of engines-diesel in Europe, make that the Renault group is in question the future of diesel engines.

What is the purpose of the diesel? A year after the scandal at Volkswagen, this type of engines seem to have its days numbered. And it is not something that we should ask us, the brands also are seriously considered. In the case of Renault, at least, admit that the diesel could disappear in the medium term.
The Reuters news agency picked up the words of Thierry Bolloré, chief executive of the competitiveness in the group galo, who predict the end of the diesel: "The rules which are increasingly hard, and the methods of standardization are such that the costs of this technology will make the diesel out of the market".
Despite the holder being biased by Reuters, Bolloré has been limited to say that development costs will increase due to the pressure of the public authorities -"the rules each time harder and the methods of approval" (which leaves open the question about what is harmful and cheap that it could be a diesel if it were not for these rules)-. Renault, of course, would have a development cost in the final price of the car, with the consequence decline in sales of these engines and their "market exit".

Renault is not going to stop manufacturing diesel in four years

Let's keep it clear, Renault is not going to stop manufacturing or selling cars in diesel in 2020. First, because this type of engines currently represent 60 % of the sales of the French manufacturer and no employer -and unless Carlos Ghosn - is going to stop selling a product that works from one day to another. And in the automotive industry, four years is tomorrow.

Renault Twingo
The statements of Bolloré are to be understood in the political context of French and european, where the local authorities are pointing to diesel as the main cause of the pollution in the cities. Last fall, the French prime minister, Manuel Valls explained in a press conference that "the favouring of diesel over the years has been a mistake." The city of Paris, for its part, wants to purely and simply eliminate the diesel of your municipality.

The bet in the medium and long term is the electric car

Is more, in the case of Renault not advocating the end of the diesel, but directly from the engine heat. And it is the official position of the mark, for the simple reason that some day the oil will run out. The Alliance Renault Nissan will invest 4,000 million euros on developing electric vehicles. Among them, a Nissan Leaf with 400 km of autonomy (standard NEDC) and a new Renault ZOE with 400 km of autonomy.

Renault Zoe

Volkswagen, which had planned electrification progressive of their models to accelerate this process after the Dieselgate. To clean up their image, especially in the united States, the group will launch by 2025 30 models of electric or plug-in hybrids. And is not the only German group that has been launched in the electrification of its models. BMW, for example, in addition to the i3 and the i8 boasts a hybrid range, the iPerformance, newly released.
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