No Bugatti Chiron "special" in view

No Bugatti Chiron "special" in view Pas de série spéciale de la Bugatti Chiron prévue pour le moment

Bugatti would not include any special series for the Chiron currently, the backlog is filling fast.

Special series "the Legends", best single "1 of 1", or "White Gold"... during the second half of his ten-year career with the Bugatti Veyron has been available in many versions are very limited, making the supercar even more exclusive. And this has apparently helped the French manufacturer to sell 450 copies of the bolide.
The new Chiron does not seem to part to follow the same path...for the moment in any case. An internal source at Bugatti would have, in effect, declared to the british journalists from Autocar : "The themes of colors that are unique and other special editions were very popular with the Veyron, but we are not yet at this stage (with the Chiron, editor's NOTE)."

Not necessary at the moment

It must be said that with 200 copies ordered in less than six months on the 500 planned, the Bugatti Chiron sells for the moment very well. "People are eager to buy this car, and the sales volume is going to occupy the plant for a long time. We need not project ourselves too far into the future," added the source.
Surpassing its predecessor on all levels manageable, the Chiron sees the power of its W16 8L quadriturbo scope to 1,500 hp, and its torque to 1,600 Nm. It can reach 100 km/h in 2.5 s and 420 km/h at a peak according to the firm of Molsheim.

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