Lorenzo Rossi: “With 37 years you have to be polite”

Lorenzo Rossi
Rossi attempts to overtake Lorenzo at the Misano circuit. GABRIEL BOUYS AFP

Dani Pedrosa is received by a sonorous, warm and sincere ovation in the small press room at the Misano circuit, which is glad of their first victory of the course. The 16-minute press conference, a French reporter throws a question without an iota of bad intention. Be sent to the other two companions of the Spanish on the podium, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo: What Had you planned the Italian one overtaking his team mate on the first lap? What surprised him the spaniard? How he saw it? A question as so many. The atmosphere was heating up little by little. And ended up in a discussion between two team-mates fighting for the world title along with Marc Marquez, the leader, and whose relationship is almost non-existent since the end of last year.

The first to respond was Rossi: “I Already asked before, but on the overtaking Pedrosa, and like I said, that overtake at the Misano circuit is not easy. But what I wanted to try from the beginning and change something: in Mugello followed behind Lorenzo and that brought me bad luck, I broke the engine. This time I wanted to be the one out front”, he explained. And Lorenzo said: “If you ask, it is because the movement was aggressive. Each one can have his opinion. Mine is that the overtaking was, possibly, too aggressive. Not needed to do the overtaking, but it is his style. There are other riders that are more cleanly, and what I have to do (...)” And then stopped because Rossi was laughing.

 There started the discussion:

–It is true, said Lorenzo.
–No, it is not true, noted Rossi.
–Yes, it is true.
–Attempts to revise the overtaking.
–If I had not lifted the bike, we had, well I had gone to the safe ground, you just do not.
–It is not true. So, what I have to say I of your pass (he said, pointing to Pedrosa), what to say of the overtaking of Marquez at Silverstone, I was passed by about ten times as well?
–Is your opinion. Look at the videos of the past...
–But is that what you say is not truth.
–It is my opinion. And what you have to do is respect my opinion.
–You also rise before aggressive. I do not signals only to me.
–When, tell me when?

Lorenzo, en la conferencia de prensa.
Lorenzo, at the press conference. Mirco Lazzari-Getty Images

–Right now I don't remember, but sure that if we look at the races... You also me what you've done to me. Again view the images.
–Well then don't laugh and respect my opinion. I have not reviewed the images, I will do it. But I know that if I had not straightened the bike I would have fallen off.
–Whatever, I don't agree.
–It is worth it. In my opinion, not needed to pass me as well. He was better today, I would have gone sooner rather than later. He did not need to be so aggressive.

And Rossi laughed again, to finish the job. Next question.

After a few minutes, complete as the international press conference, the one and the other gave his version of the facts. “It was not a chop, it's a matter of being polite. With the 37 years you have to be polite and stop to talk to that you have asked the question. Like you don't have that custom,” he explained. And then, entered the debate: “Every one has his style, but the de Rossi ahead of times is too aggressive. I understand that I would not like that to me too strong in the beginning and that I would like to slow down my style, but it was not necessary to do so”. The Italian was much more succinct: “it Has been as any of the ten overtaking Marquez I did to my at Silverstone; not what I consider an advancement especially aggressive, but what I least expected is that generated all of this controversy”.
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