Lorenzo: “From Sepang, the relationship with Valentino does not exist”

Valentino Rossi (i), Marc Marquez (c) y Jorge Lorenzo en la rueda de prensa previa al GP de Aragón.
Valentino Rossi (i), Marc Marquez (c) and Jorge Lorenzo in the press conference prior to the GP of Aragon. JOSE JORDAN AFP

The fight for the championship last year increased tension in the paddock to unsuspected levels. So, that still fishtailing that scuffle on the Sepang track, in the Malaysian grand prix, which ended with Marquez on the floor. And the accusations of plot to the Spanish pilots by Valentino Rossi. Attempts to appease the atmosphere seemed to have remained a dead calm this course until in the last grand prix, at Misano, after a magnificent race from Pedrosa, a question without cheating or bad intent, it sparked the complaint of Lorenzo by the aggressiveness of his team-mate and the anger of the same after the laughter of this last.

So I remembered the spaniard on Thursday: “I Responded to the question about whether the overtaking was aggressive or not. I gave my opinion on what I felt. Because when I entered the curve I saw a bike that I was on the inside at full speed and when I had 10 inches I had to lift the bike to avoid falling over. What if it was an overtaking aggressive or very aggressive on the second lap of the race? For me, it was. And after watching the video in my house, seeing the line he used, totally different to the usual in that curve, not only in braking, also in the middle of the curve, to me was not a regular line; but, well, I've got an opinion and he his. What I did not like was that he was laughing while I was talking. And it was then, when I told her not to riera, when he started a discussion in front of the press. We must not dramatize”.

Zero dramas. It happens that, after the press conference prior to the grand prix of Aragon, Rossi wanted to throw of the tongue the journalists: what happens to Lorenzo, has worsened their relationship, and lately it seems especially short-tempered with you? “After the last race of last year [Rossi spoke of the plot of the Spanish riders] our relationship has always remained the same. There has not been an approach; or a withdrawal, either,” he joked.

When they asked Lorenzo for that matter, taking as reference the declaration that had just been produced, the spaniard talked a little more in their explanations: “After the accusation that he made after the race in Sepang last year, for me the relationship with Valentino does not exist. I don't know what will happen in the future, but for now does not exist. Us accused Marquez and to me [be compinchados for the spaniard to win the title]; Marquez, for his part, makes what he believes, and I do what I feel”. And what Lorenzo feels is that it must be limited to the professional: “The relationship is a relationship of teammates that share a box, sponsors and they do their job as best as possible; if there is respect, so much the better. And if someone is lack of respect for the other, there is that stop the feet, the respect is ahead of all”. Back to the cold war-MotoGP.
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