Lorenzo and the best lap of your life

Jorge Lorenzo rodando en Misano.
Jorge Lorenzo rolling in Misano. MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI EFE

He launched the fist at the wind. Shouted. And cried more. As for acobardar to its rivals. I wanted to prove that he's back. To be coming back to him. The Jorge Lorenzo who crushes the clock. "I'm very proud of the time that I did it," he said. But there was no need to. His face spoke for him. "This is the best round of my life", he added. Last an hour and said: "you Always have the feeling that the last pole that you have achieved is the best out of your life, but I still feel a little bit as well. I was much more aggressive than normal, I braked later than ever, I opened up a little more gas in the corners, took a chance with the bike moving a lot a little more than what I am accustomed to", he explained. Just as proud of what was nothing more to get out of your Yamaha.

He had succeeded, in his first lap, the track record -beat and his own record of pole position last year-but he wanted more. He said to himself that he had to try to reduce it, although it is outside the ground in the attempt, according to confessed. And it did. Explored the limits of the track. The your M1. And found two more tenths still left over. Without falling to the ground. And that pole, that neither gives you points, nor will it guarantee victory this Sunday (14.00, MovistarTV), returned the joy more pure. And a lot of confidence. In one of the circuits that best results harvest: three victories, four second-place finishes and zero last year. And in which the victories know best, because they have a psychological value added, so of gain in the house of a rival, to prevail in a scenario in which all worship Rossi.

Misano, a circuit of short, straight, with strong braking, each time the Yamaha is better defends, and three accelerations in the that the Honda will suffer the most, it was always a good place to Lorenzo. That's why, now aspires to serve as an incentive to, at a minimum, to re-appear for the podium on a regular basis (in six appointments it's only been in the GP of Austria, where he was third), and, why not, come back to win a race. Because until now had never been a streak as bad as this: not won since the GP of Italy, for seven great prizes. "If I am good and the bike allows me to make a great beat can make a great career," he says.
Up seems to be one of the few that have clear the tires that you choose for the race. "But I'd rather not say". Although it scares the hell out of an unknown quantity, that will not resolve until you turn off the lights. Over the weekend there has been some pilots (him or Rossi, for example) who has touched a rubber back whose performance has not been good: "he would skate a lot, for example." Already happened so in the last race at Silverstone. And finished eighth. In an event such as this course on which the competition is atrocious, the small details are vital. And a problem like this can cost one's career. Lorenzo is at the limit already. To 64 points behind the leader as it is, is not clear if it has cost him the title.

Precisely the leader, Marquez, fourth in the standings, says that in Misano, where a fight because it will not overcome the acceleration, or the horses of his Honda, he would settle for a place on the podium. In addition to Rossi, who will be second, with all the heat (and all the pressure of their public and of that huge crowd that gathers to 18,000 rossistas dressed in yellow), Viñales, third and delighted with his Suzuki, and even Pedrosa, eighth on the grid, but very competitive in free practice, can be the protagonists of a race that aspires to see back to the best Lorenzo.
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