Look for a parking place : at the end of the galley ?

NEWS Look for a parking place : at the end of the galley ?
Find a parking space with Bosch and Daimler could become a child's play. The two companies have just set up a new project.

The search for a parking space... It is generally the cross and the banner ! In the Face of this "scourge", a new project comes to mature between the oem Bosch and the automotive manufacturer Daimler : the "community-based parking ("parking based on the community"). The concept ? Help motorists to more easily locate a parking space thanks to technology. Explanations.

Find a place with sensors

Equipped with sensors, the vehicles will communicate the space, which has been spotted during their passage (up to 55 km/h). The information collected -continuous, will be processed by the system "cloud" made by Bosch "thanks to a secure connection". This will verify that the locations identified are actually parking spots available.
The project, which has been tested in the conurbation of Stuttgart*, will in a first time the probability of falling on a parking lot, according to available streets. Later, it will be possible to inform the driver availability as well as the size of the parking spaces. All in real time and via the dashboard screen or an application on a mobile phone called "Mercedes me".
* With the models of the brand Mercedes-Benz
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