Lexus UX Concept, debut at the Auto Show Paris 2016

Lexus UX Concept

Lexus UX Concept The Lexus UX Concept, an evolution of the luxury crossovers from the japanese brand, will debut at the end of the month at the Auto Show Paris 2017. Developed in the Center of European Design from Lexus, DI2, the Lexus UX Concept takes the bold design language of Lexus, which already saw its debut in the crossover Lexus NX, at the next level. With your identity powerfully differentiated, the brand aims to attract a public and advanced city that is moving in an environment which is always connected. The Lexus UX Concept offers a long series of technology novel, with which the driver would enjoy even more the experience of driving. The interior the interior combines the techniques of craft production and traditional production techniques completely innovative in the industry. As almost all the prototypes that are presented in the Auto Show, the Lexus UX Concept shows design lines that maybe we will never see in a production model. In this case, the first official image provided by Lexus, for example, shows the mudguards, both in the rear as in the front, with forms more linear and square in comparison with the new models of Lexus. In addition, the tires seem a size too big in proportion with the rest of the vehicle. However, there will be to see it in person to make a final decision, and especially, to find out what are the plans for the Lexus with this prototype.

Lexus UX Concept, debut at the Auto Show Paris 2016

Other big news from Lexus at the Paris motor show, will be the european introduction of the renovated Lexus IS, which recently celebrated the sale of the 1 million around the world; the new Lexus NX Sport Edition and the flagship coupes of the brand, the Lexus LC. The press conference Lexus will take place on 29 September at 13:30 at the booth of Lexus, pavilion 4.
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