Here is the future Toyota Supra...or BMW Z5 Coupe ?

Here is the future Toyota Supra...or BMW Z5 Coupe ? Photos volées : Toyota Supra ou BMW Z5 Coupé ?

A coupe based on the common platform of BMW and Toyota has been caught testing. But what model is it ?

A mysterious cut has been surprised heavily camouflaged on the road. Front bumper prominent, long hood and plunging, line flag similar to that of the Toyota GT86 and sculpted rear suggest that it could be the future Supra. Very expected, the car is expected to sport a design along the lines of the concept car FT-1, 2014. It remains likely that this prototype embeds some elements dummy to fool the eye.
A closer look, it turns out that the camouflage patterns of the car photographed are the ones used by BMW are close but not identical, to those that Toyota usually employs. The cut features in addition to the plates in German. Knowing that the two manufacturers are working on a joint platform for sports cars, hard to know which we have under the eyes.

A sporty mysterious

BMW is currently developing a roadster successor to the Z4. The coupe Z4 who was arrested in 2008 for lack of sufficient sales, the "Z5" seemed not to be party to have the right to an alternative to fixed-roof, but the images posted by our fellow brits from Auto Express give the doubt. The collaboration between Toyota and BMW would it be close to the point that the two brands make full prototypes in common ? The two future sports should also share mechanical components ; we're talking about a six-cylinder turbo BMW coupled with one or two electric motors for the Toyota.
And you, what do you think of this cut ? Toyota or BMW ?

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