Here is the first truck in kit ! [video]

This little truck rustic dubbed the "Ox" is delivered in kit form, and can be assembled in a few hours !

It was not necessarily the air, but the small truck to the rustic look is a utility that is extremely innovative in many respects. Created to meet the needs of developing countries, particularly in Africa, the OX is indeed an original truck in kit form to assemble yourself, a little in the manner of Swedish furniture, with well-known! Developed under the leadership of Gordon Murray (father of the McLaren F1 in a different register), the OX enters the final phase of its development. And on the 3 copies already existing, 2 have just been revealed to the general public during a presentation organized by the Overall Vehicle, a charitable organization founded by the british businessman Sir Norman Torquil, at the initiative of the project.

Ode to simplicity

The master word of this utility is the simplicity. The engine is a robust diesel 2.2-Litre Ford 100 hp mated to a manual gearbox 5, able in theory to offer a range of 1.200 km. The OX is content to 2-wheel drive for reasons of cost, but it is able to tackle any type of terrain, thanks to its door-to-fake reduced and its high ground clearance. The tubular frame accommodates body panels in wood agglomerate. The glass surfaces are flat to lower costs and facilitate storage. It weighs 1.600 kg and can embark of 1,900 pounds of payload. The driving position is located in the center of the vehicle, to be able to borrow the roads of the world (driving to the right or to the left).

Easy delivery

Truck kit requires, the delivery has also been the object of all attentions. Divided in 2 boxes (the powertrain to one side, the other parts of the other), this package a little special is prepared in England in record time, since a little bit more than 5 hours is enough for 3 people in charge of the operation. Thanks to their reduced size, 6 packs of trucks OX can take place in a container. Once arrived at destination, the OX therefore goes to the assembly phase, performed by its owner in person. And the operation would take approximately 12 hours ! So this is a vehicle that stands out for its ingenuity and simplicity, and that would almost blow a wind of fresh air in an automobile industry more and more complex and bunch of electronics.
You can find the truck kit on video here !
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