Heineken wins fans on his arrival to Formula 1.... Look at this, you'lllike it

The Dutch brewer Heineken has become this year in a global sponsor of Formula 1. Evil tongues say that much has influenced this in that Max Verstappen will be promoted to Red Bull and, therefore, gain prominence, but well, that's what we're going to leave it for another chapter...
Posters of Heineken filled the circuits of Canada and Monza, supports as a sponsor, and that without doubt, it is always welcome because it precisely these two paths accuse serious economic problems.
However, beyond these aspects as positive, what is liked a lot among the followers of the Formula 1 are the videos that have been made from the brewery. These content have a clear message: if you drink alcoholic beverages, you should never get behind the wheel.
Mola much more if the one who tells you so is Jackie Stewart, three times F1 world champion, right? This videomontaje in the purest retro style with Stewart as the protagonist you'll like it.

Only a few days later, Heineken has shared another video, this time with David Coulthard as the protagonist. The scottish sample to a young fan who enters for the first time in the world of Formula 1 that the premier class is much more than racing. Even Bernie Ecclestone has an important and curious role in which he makes it clear that not everyone in the world can sneak up on any part.

It is not usual that a brewery comes to Formula 1 at the times in which the laws of some countries prevent their logos to be seen in their circuits, but there is no doubt that actions like these will make F1 like it a lot more to the fans.
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