Google has no doubts: the machines have already surpassed human being

Google is taking advantage of every accident that involved one of their autonomous cars. Already surpassing the dozen incidents with an autonomous car of Google is involved, the responsible serving of these to demonstrate how the technology has already surpassed human being in both the safety during the driving. In each and every one of the accidents that have occurred, the blame was always on the human factor, which invites us to reflect on the reality of the technology. Google has no doubts, stating categorically that their technology is much more able to avoid an accident that a human being well-trained.
Only the unpredictable actions resist the autonomous car of Google, revealing that the human factor is the rival to beat
The dilemma is served, but the data are there. There are millions of kilometres that leads tours Google in its project of driving autonomous, and during those miles there have been many situations that have had to face the technology to learn and evolve. With the passage of time, the accuracy and capability of the technology has been improved substantially, allowing that to day of today, Google is already working on his own car to bring to mass market the car 100% self-contained, known as the Google Car.
The head driving the project autonomous of Google, Chris Urmson, has been who has returned to disclose data on the current capacity of the technology. In situations of risk, the ability of the system to monitor their environment and act accordingly far exceeds the capability of human beings to be attentive to any eventuality. That said, the autonomous car of Google manages to evade situations of risk, reacting instantly to any minimum possibility of accident or collision.
Still, Urmson admits that there are still certain aspects to be improved as it is the reaction capability of the technology to unpredictable actions. This is the great challenge of technology today, and although the goal of Google is to provide the autonomous vehicle of sufficient capacity to control their surroundings in real time, there is still a need to continue to mature the system to be able to act in those situations.
Source: AutomotiveNews
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