Ford wants to take the access by numeric code to the key of the cars

Access to the car without keys or card, only by means of a numeric code, it is something that Ford implemented many years ago at their Lincoln, for example. However, what is now proposing the signature of Dearborn is to move that same feature, the access code, to a mobile device, such as, for example, the same car key. At least, that is what is clear from the patent that has been registered recently.

Among the advantages of this system would be the reinforcement of the security in case of theft of the keys, as with this invention it would be necessary to know the codes that give access to the different functions. In practice, it would be like putting a PIN to the keys to the car... with the possibilities that open up to a few keys that can recognize and manage a lot of codes.

Ford Keypad Patent

The key might be as well a small center remote from the vehicle, capable of requiring different combinations of keys, even keystrokes concurrent multiple keys, to perform many more functions than the mere relating to the opening and closing of the cockpit. It is not clear that this move of Ford's assume that the manufacturer will cease to include keyboards in the doors of cars.

The first question raises a patent such as this is whether the invention would be easily transposed to a smartphone, so that we could forget about the key. And the second, how long it will take the cacos in deciphering how it opens and closes a car at a distance, what is the code that you type in to bring us the car and even what happens if you press the key nazi.

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