F1 - Monza showed the progress of the V6 Renault

F1 - Monza showed the progress of the V6 Renault F1 - Renault a confirmé les progrès sur son moteur à Monza

Renault has confirmed progress on its powertrain to Monza, with a deviation of significantly reduced. The V6 French has even become the more reliable of the plateau.
Renault has markedly improved its powertrain this season and Red Bull is satisfied with the work of his engine. Was Monza, a circuit where the power a lot, the team was unable to measure up to Mercedes or even Ferrari, it has the advantage over the Scuderia in the championship from Hockenheim, but the gap was smaller than last year.

"We had a weekend without worries, so we have a real idea of the engine," said Remi Taffin, director of technical engine of Renault, Autosport.
"We know that Mercedes is in front, and Ferrari is also, but in the race, we saw that there was no problem to overtake a car when it is needed. That shows the fact that we have made great progress, but the path is still very long. "

In 2015, the best driver with a Renault engine on the grid was Carlos Sainz. His delay on the pole was 2,249 sec. This year, Daniel Ricciardo has qualified to 1,254 dry the best time.
Taffin has a clear idea of the hierarchy between the engine manufacturer : "We still have a small gap to Ferrari," he says. "I think the difference with Ferrari is half that with Mercedes. Honda returns but they are pretty far behind us. "

Renault has a better reliability than its rivals

The Renault engine is not the most powerful, but it has become the most reliable. All engine manufacturers have already had penalties for exceeding the quota of elements of the powertrain this year, except Renault.
"We're the only engine manufacturer that has not had a penalty at this level and it is obvious that we have good numbers," welcomes Remi Taffin. "The goal is to stay level for the rest of the season and next year. "

The elements of the powertrain are limited to five copies for the season. At Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton has used six engines and as much of the MGU-K, as well as eight turbo and the eight-MGU-H. on The side of the Ferrari, Marcus Ericsson has used a sixth turbo. Honda has also problems since Fernando Alonso has used seven copies of the battery and of the electronic system, and eight, of the engine, turbo, MGU-H the MGU-K.

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