F1 - Ferrari thinks it has the right structure

F1 - Ferrari thinks it has the right structure F1 - Ferrari pense être bien structurée

Maurizio Arrivabene is confident that Ferrari has all the elements for a shine. The boss of the Scuderia, however, considers that it will take time.

Ferrari is far from his goals this season. The results are disappointing. No win and a third place in the championship, behind Red Bull.
At the beginning of the summer, Sergio Marchionne, the Ferrari President, has taken things in hand. Following the departure of James Allison, the technical director, for personal reasons, a restructuring was made. Sergio Marchionne, present at Monza, is now satisfied with the operation.
"He said that he saw changes within the team," explained Maurizio Arrivabene, the boss of the Scuderia, on the official website of F1. "But of course, these things do not change overnight and it takes a little more patience. "
"The team structure is good and solid. There are enough people at Ferrari for us to be at the top of the championship. But of course, he is not satisfied with the results so far. He waits really be the next season with anticipation. "
He is also optimistic: "Obviously, we hoped for better so far, and we have taken steps, I think that for the last few races we should make progress," said Arrivabene. "The spirit is good in the team and everyone is looking in the same direction. We will take the races one after the other. This is all that we can do. "

Ferrari wants to recover the second place

To the end of the season, Ferrari must find the proper balance between attempt to get back on the Red Bull and prepare for the big changes planned for 2017. Ferrari still hopes to recover the second place in the championship.
"We will not give this season !" says Maurizio Arrivabene. "Obviously, next year is important and we focus a lot on it, but the responsibility of each member of the team is to do his best to succeed. "
"We will never stop we will fight, and we will do everything to find the right balance between what we want to be successful in 2016 and 2017. "

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