EXCLUSIVE – Test of winter tires on The car

The automobile presents the most important independent test of winter tires made in Canada. This test of winter tyres contains more than 40 different products, which accounts for more than 75 % of products purchased by consumers in the country.

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The tests were conducted in the Lower Laurentians in 2015 and 2016, with constant temperatures ranging between minus 10 and minus 12 Celsius. The exercises included tests of acceleration and braking on different surfaces (0 to 60 km/h ; 60 km/h to 0), record-route in bend (radius ascending and descending), and slalom. The recording of the data was measured by an onboard computer. In addition, noise testing has been made with a décibelmètre on highways of asphalt and concrete. Finally, driving impressions of the experts, Michel Poirier-Defoy, and Jean-François Guay, totaling over 40 years of experience in the field, have been taken into account.

The dimension chosen is the most popular on the market, which is 205/55R16. The test vehicles were two Honda Civic, the vehicle most sold in the country. The recommendations are suitable for passenger cars but also SUVS and sometimes vans. No studded tire has not been used but about half of the tires tested may be clinging in the factory or in the workshop.

The tires included in the test are presented in declining order of quality, best-to least-recommended divided into seven categories. A final section is concerned with the tires in All Conditions, a niche in growth. The price and the warranties may vary depending on the manufacturer, the distributor and the region.

To get all the details on each of the categories, click on the following titles:

A: The best
B: Very high rated
C: Recommended
D: Acceptable
E: For small budgets
Below average
G: To avoid

All weather conditions
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