Dolorpasion™: When you purchase a Focus RS to play with the mode drift, and it turns out that it is not easy to

Woe unto those sport versions of the compact generalists how we like! And is not now, more than 30 years ago that the manufacturers delight us with cars of this type that is unchecked in its most common versions, those that you find heaps in jams mañaneros and in the back of the work.

But for a while this afternoon are more exaggerated, the escalation in power and performance has been impressive and, what were versions with cent and few horses are now at 350 HP. As in the case of the Ford Focus RS, which right now is one of the models more radicals from the market and that, perhaps to accentuate this character, and incorporates a mode drift to leave your signature of burnt rubber on the asphalt.

A mode drift that will makes things easier, but not all. Javier Álvarez had the opportunity to try it out and it is not only give gas and already has its trick. A trick that seems that did not know or had not mastered the owner of this RS which is pulled in the yoke as if there was no tomorrow and didn't came out as nice as he had thought.

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