But do you know what it is capable my Jeep Wrangler? Records, recordsthat will demonstrate

I've always said that to do demonstrations of your skills special poses pretty danger, and, if we add a camera or video to the equation, this danger grows exponentially and it is normal that the thing ends up wrong. In fact YouTube is full of this type of exhibits.

And here we have a few with a protagonist in common, the Jeep Wrangler, one of the few off-road of truth that continues to be marketed (at least while you pass the tests of shock). This authentic TT raises passions and it is not uncommon to see highly modified. Already series is a car very capable off-road, where you can have fun but well. Yes, flee the free exhibits in front of your buddies if you want to last, don't do as in these cases.

I don't know if it gives me more fear of the bill from the workshop or the behavior that is the supposed 'friend' when he sees that the car turns over...
In the following video, we can see that between the abilities of the Wrangler is not the climb trees:

Then there are those that are obscure and say "there goes... yes, there happens because I say so".

But fortunately there are times that the thing is not just wrong and leaves us to play with the boundaries as, unintentionally, happens to the protagonist of this complex ascension:
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