Auto maintenance : what engine oil to choose ?

NEWS auto Maintenance : what engine oil to choose ?
The current engines run on oil top of the range, very expensive. However, of equal quality, the price can vary from the simple to the double. Here's how to do the sorting.

Called top of the range, oil 100% synthesis (the opposite of mineral oils) with the viscosity index wide. Like for example the 100% synthesis 5W40, very commonly used today. They are suitable for an intensive use and, most importantly, diesel tech, very sensitive side lubrication.

You pay mostly for the brand

For the newcomer planted in front of the bookshelves well supplied with oil from the auto service centre or hypermarket, there is a great temptation to bet on a famous brand, to packaging dynamics. Of course, these lubricants are more expensive, but, for security, the fear of damaging the engine of your car will eventually convince you to put the price... However, looking a little more closely at the bottle, and based on the legislation standards, you are guaranteed to achieve great savings by taking lubricants of generic brands. In fact, what matters is the standard of approval, not the packaging.

A good protection of the engine in cold as hot

You will first need to be of interest to you to the standard known as SAE. For your car, this standard appears in the service book in the form of two values, separated by the letter W. The 5W40, for example, as mentioned above. The number before the W indicates the behavior of the oil cold. The longer it is, the higher the fluidity is good, even at startup in the winter after a night in the "0°C". A pledge of the protection of metals, the engine does not "taraudant" never to sec.
The one who follows the W indicates, this time, the behavior hot. The higher it is, the less it degrades and the more it resists the internal friction. This first data, vital for your engine type, must be strictly respected.

ACEA guarantees the respect of a specification constructor

The Association of european automobile manufacturers (ACEA) has created a standard to classify each engine oil in four specific groups. These four groups are presented in the form of letters :
- A, for gasoline engines ;
- B, for the diesels of tourism ;
- C, for light-duty vehicles equipped with catalyst and particulate filter
- E, to utilities and heavy weight.
Then, within each group, several levels of performance are mentioned by a number :
- 1, energy-saving ;
- 2, in normal use ;
3 and 4, intensive use.
For a modern block (lead-free or diesel), or if the drain interval is large (between 20,000 and 30,000 km), the oil recommended will be commonly referred to as A3/B3/B4. For some models, the manufacturers (BMW, PSA, Volkswagen...) require in addition to their own standard. This last is, again, on the back of the canister.
In all cases, if an oil meets all the rules listed on the service book, no need to invest in the more expensive. The least expensive involves no risk to the engine since it complies with a specification of a binding.

Large distribution : large quality at half the price

A brand and standard is identical, the rate of cans of 5 litres of oil varies almost two-fold of a sign to the other. And so it is worth the cost to explore a little, including on the web. There, to our amazement, the internet is not the least affordable, and the detail of the different standards is difficult to obtain. So impossible to choose well.
In view of the price readings that we have done, it turns out that the discounters type Carter-Cash/Areca and Roady are high (21 and 25€) just like the large retailers own brand type Tech9/Auto E. Leclerc, G7/Auchan, Ultra/Carrefour, Cora, Lumi'as/Intermarché with jerry cans of 5 litres, worth from 21 to 26€. Compared to 40 to 45 € for the big brands. Note that the car centers Auto E. Leclerc are the most competitive, if you want to stay on a great brand.
By Jerome Fombelle & Thomas Daufresne
Photo : Ph.Tissier/ Pilou / EMAS
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