Attending to traffic lights: why this technology will change, forever,our way of driving?

A time to this part of the car manufacturers have focused on seeking the maximum efficiency in urban environments, but is gaining more prominence the idea of getting to avoid having to stop at traffic lights.

Why? If we look at our energy expenditure in urban tours, much of that spending is going in the repeated processes of stops and starts, causing time delays, waste of fuel and generation of air pollution. Firms like Audi, Opel and BMW say they have found the solution, and that is the integration of systems of driving assistance to predict the performance of the traffic lights.

Attending to traffic lights: why this technology will change, forever,our way of driving?

Through applications and connected services that allow for the exchange of information between the vehicle and the infrastructure, traffic lights, in this case, the car is able to predict when you are going to put in red and green traffic lights. Knowing the times that will be open for the step, the car is able to calculate what speed is needed to keep to avoid having to stop at the traffic light, thereby achieving a substantial saving of fuel and time by not having to stop at every set of traffic lights that we encounter in our journey.


We have already told on previous occasions that the prediction is called to be the next great revolution of the active safety systems. But the prediction not only provides a substantial increase in security, but also allows you to manage more efficiently the energy, whether from fossil fuels or electricity. Knowing the variables that affect our tour, the vehicle is able to adapt its operation to achieve to set the most suitable speed and avoid all the arrests possible.


With the emergence of connected systems in the car, seems to be increasingly close to the landing of the attendees for traffic lights in our day-to-day. Currently there are already pilot programs to implement these solutions, but it is not far the moment in which these driving aids are accessible to a large audience with only download an app on our smartphone or directly in the infotainment system in our car.
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