An Indycar struggling with a plane [video]


An Indycar struggling with a plane [video]

Summit meeting between an Indycar and an aerobatic airplane ! Check out the video.

Customary videos spectacular, Red Bull returned to the charge with this sequence, bringing together the driver, Indycar, Alexander Rossi and the double winner of the "Red Bull Air Race Kirby Chambliss, on the circuit of Indianapolis (USA). And needless to say, both came with their milling respectively, the single-seater Indycar racing and aerobatic aircraft Edge 540 Pilot, recently found fighting against a Porsche 918 Spyder in Germany.

Passengers VIP

After a small pass of arms, the last winner of the 500 miles of Indianapolis invites the reckless pilot of the aircraft at the rear of his car. Recognizing her, he makes the camera, and takes Alexander Rossi for a stroll in the air. All accompanied by images amazing, to discover in this video !
Photo : G. Milan / Red Bull Content Pool

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