Airbus E-Fan: aircraft electrical becomes a real alternative

Electric mobility has already become an alternative for future real-different systems of land transportation, but air and sea are still unfinished. What were, or, better said, as with the recent flight performed by the Airbus E-Fan from United Kingdom to France to cross the English Channel, Airbus has taken a substantial step forward for the market as your first plane 100% electric, confirming the intentions of the manufacturer to have a version for sale throughout the year 2017.
With a length of 6.60 meters and a wingspan of 9,50 metres, the Airbus E-Fan is a small plane with a maximum capacity of two occupants and that is intended to cover trips of short distance thanks to the use of two electric motors of 30 kW each. The maximum speed of this plane is 220 Km/h while it can reach up to 60 Km/h take-off phase thanks to its landing gear, powered also electrically. This solution allows the E-Fan reaches an efficiency much greater in the phase of increased energy consumption, the take-off.


The Airbus consortium intends to put on sale for the 2017 version E-Fan 2.0 two-seat and a variant called the E-Fan 4.0 with four seats. The project includes a variant capable of holding up to 90 occupants under the designation E-Thurst, but Airbus has not communicated any information about dates or prototypes of this version of major proportions.
Just as happens in the rest of electric vehicles, the problem of electric mobility for aviation is in the low energy density of batteries today, which means a challenge to achieve autonomous flight enough without fire the weight of the assembly. With the Airbus E-Fan, and using Lithium polymer battery from Kokam, the autonomy reached round 60 minutes, but the evolution of the project will benefit from the latest advances in batteries to improve these figures.
Source: Airbus
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