After the autonomous car, Google bet by the car shared with RideWith

The ambitious Google project is related with the mobility based on autonomous cars, Google Car, gives a new step toward its goal of “reinventing transportation.” Google aims to not only put on the market a formula of different transport, but also aims to do this by starting with a structure that brings together the best of different mobility services as car sharing. Under this purpose, Google launches the application RideWith in the experimental phase in the city of Tel Aviv (Israel), for the kick off to their tool of transport on the basis of the network of Waze.
The Google Car approved as they roll by US, by what Google's plans are progressing at a good pace to “reinvent” transportation
Google already has his eye on platforms such as Uber or BlaBlaCar, solutions very different but that could unify their approaches in the proposal that aims to make reality Google from your project Google Car. Although, in principle, it seemed that Google was going to bet of form decided by the use of cars without drivers, to put in place a tool of the mobility collaborative is presented as a form of business just as interesting and also complementary to other services that aims to deliver Google to the medium and long term.
The entry into operation of RideWith is nothing more than a balloon catheter on the possibilities of the shared use of cars. Away from the way in which it works, Uber, Google yes, that aims to exploit the potential of car sharing, using the structure of Waze , let us remember, was acquired in a very interesting movement focused on the uptake of this social network of conductors capable of generating huge amounts of vital data on the state of the traffic and traffic incidents.
Sooner or later Google will give the definitive step by launching its own platform for mobility services, as the project Google Car implicated as a promising tool in those cities where its legislation to allow the circulation of autonomous cars. Here it is fair to remember that Google's plans go far beyond planting face-to-mobility solutions today, since Google has already reiterated that its interest is in a solution that will reinvent the transport from their small autonomous cars.
Source: Reuters
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