40 years of the Golf GTI : the acceleration [video]

Volkswagen offers us a new video comparison between the Golf GTI 1 and 7, this time in terms of performance.

After the interior and exterior, Volkswagen continues to compare the first and the last Golf GTI in the video, we are showing this time rolling. Check out the clip.

40 years of the Golf GTI : the acceleration [video]

This new video published for the 40 years of the model is the opportunity to realize the progress made in terms of performance, seeing the car speed up. It had to be for 9.2 s to the GTI from 1976 to reach 100 km/h, where the new model will demand that 6.4 s. It must be said that the power has doubled in the between-time, from 110 to 220 hp.

The power is not everything

We can regret that the constructor does not return, with this video, about the differences in the driving (power steering, aid, and security systems). Unless it is for a next video ?
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