111 years that the Lion wraps around the car Peugeot !

NEWS 111-year-old Lion that wraps around the car Peugeot !
This is 111 years that the logo of the Lion throne on vehicles registered in the catalog Peugeot. Return on its evolution !

This is the 20 November 1858 that Peugeot is born ! At this time, Emile Peugeot applied for the registrar the footprint of its brand with an animal as the logo : the lion. Nearly 160 years later, the cat has become the universal emblem of the manufacturer. But did you know that the Lion has dressed the vehicles of the firm in 1905 ? Although the "Type 3", the first car of a series of Armand Peugeot dates from 1891...
At this time, the logo is a lion on an arrow. Since then, he has changed ! Back on the developments of this last.

Between sculpture and line "fuseau Sochaux"

In 1923, the phenomenon of "Lion" is gaining momentum. Almost 20 years after its birth, the cat became a mascot sculpted by Baudichon*. The "Peugeotistes" decorate their radiator cap with this new sculpture.
10 years later, in 1933, all of the cars in the catalog of the manufacturer have a lion at the top of the radiator grille. In 1935, its design evolves with the line "fuseau Sochaux". This Lion is known as it adorns the famous Peugeot 402.

The lion of Franche-Comté

In 1948, the owners of the Peugeot 203 circulating with a brand new logo on their hood. He is the head of a lioness who receives for the occasion, a new crest, adopting the lion of Franche-Comté.
The feline Franc-Comtois is also adopted by the 403 in 1955. This time it shows a posture of the heraldic lion of the weapons of the region. Unfortunately, for security reasons, the heads of lions disappear from the covers of the 203 and 403 in September 1958.

The head of the lion

In 1960, the 404, which launches the new look of the lion. The latter presented the king of the animals with a large mane flanked by the brand name in all letters. It will be placed in the center of the grille. Conversely, in 1968, the cat comes out of its frame. It adopts a minimalist style, flat shape, gold-plated or chrome-plated. There is a preview on the 504.

On the road to modernity

The "lion fil" appears in 1975. This is the new presentation of the heraldic lion of the features angular, hollowed in the centre. But 23 years later, in 1998, it is under a line much more modern than the lion appears. It grows and takes the relief.
The last modification of the emblem now 2010. With a new posture and a matt and bright, it is the new figure of the Peugeot marque. Despite all these developments, the logo has always retained its initial DNA : a lion facing to the left...
* René his first name is a sculptor and médailleur French
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